We know El Paso, Texas is (and always has been) full of incredibly talented musicians. Some have a chance to break out & others are still waiting for their big break. Thanks to the America's Next Top Hit Maker contest, some local artists HAVE that chance to get a huge break into the music world.

What is America's Next Top Hit Maker?

According to their official website, it is a contest where local artists & bands have a chance to win $10,000, appear in Rolling Stone, play at the Rolling Stone's Future of Music Showcase in Austin, Texas & they will have the chance to work with some huge names in the music world.

Some of these names include Busta Rhymes, Grammy-nominated artist Joseph Wooten, Emmy award winner Trey Bruce, & longtime producer Greg Potter.

These are some El Paso artists that are in the America's Next Top Hit Maker contest

The father & son rock band, One Star Day, is one of the El Paso artists that people can vote for online. If you want to vote for One Star Day, you can find their page here.

The rock/jazz group Valiant Blues is another local name that people can vote for online; you can find their page right here.

J.M. Faupel, the frontman from the rock band Against the Edge, is another name that you can vote for. You can find J.M.'s page right here.

The metal band, Honey & Virosa, is another local name that's in the running to become America's Next Top Hit Maker. You can find their page right here.

The El Paso progressive post-hardcore band, Collide the Gemini, is also in the running. You can vote for them here.

Other local artists that are in the competition include King Nex, K.I.N.G., & Sweet Ventura.

We will see later this month if any of these local names will win, as voting ends Thursday, July 11th. Best of luck to ALL of these talented El Paso names!

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