There are some hidden treasures laying around El Paso waiting for you to discover them. Just the other day a local band that is known all around the world shared some special with the city of El Paso.

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At first, when The Mars Volta came around with an exciting announcement it happened in California. But it sure is nice they thought about and included their hometown to partake in a fun scavenger hunt.

On Wednesday morning The Mars Volta shared a link in a caption of a map with two pings on it. The map shows two locations you can unlock a new crux in El Paso.

One of the hot spots listed is dead obvious one spot happens to be on Scenic Drive. Now, as for the other secret spot it is undetermined where that location is exactly.

But you better believe El Pasoans were stoked about this scavenger hunt from The Mars Volta. Plus, other fans from Kansas City and Utah had something to say regarding why there weren't hot spots in their hometown.

Luckily, The Mars Volta thought of us and let El Paso in on the scavenger hunt fun. The Mars Volta experience is something you shouldn't skip out on if I were you.

So, to get somewhat of a general idea I took a sheet of paper and marked each ping from the tip of Scenic Drive. I would have to say my guess for the other hotspot might be near El Paso High School.

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