This is proof that geniuses actually exist in this world we live in. The genius who deserves all the credit for putting this mashup together is a YouTuber, William Maranci. William Maranci titled this mashup "The Lion Korn" that has a perfect fit. These two songs were very much cohesive together. William Maranci is one whacky genius who combined two things we would never pair up together.

If you're a hardcore fan of the movie Lion King and Korn's music you won't be disappointed with this mashup. William Maranci used the instrumental version of "Circle of Life" over the version featuring Carmen Twillie on vocals. You can maybe help your kid be a Korn fan if they already love the music from Lion King. Some people believe mashups can easily be made just like the Post Malone and Hawthorne Heights mashup. But I never thought I would see the day a wholesome song would mesh perfectly with an impure song.

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