We have a 2 Gong rule for all Mash Ups that we feature as the Monday Morning Mash Up. All four primary members of the Buzz Adams Morning Show have a gong. Once two people gong a mash up we stop playing it immediately. Today’s mash up got its second gong at the :35 second mark. See if you last that long.

The mash up, titled “So What’cha Want…a Parade”, is a combination of Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine. Here it is:

In its defense, we had to play an audio file of it as opposed to playing it directly off of YouTube. So…maybe, the sound quality wasn’t all it could’ve been? It’s possible, I guess.

Listening back to it now, though, I think the problem might have been the competing distortions. The Beastie Boys vocals were distorted in the original so that it sounds like the dying shrieks of a doomed submarine crew as heard over a static-y short-wave radio. The Rage instruments are also distorted in a different and not wholly compatible way.

Long story short, it sounded like a car driven by the world’s biggest Rage fan and another car driven by the world’s biggest Beastie Boys fan both pulled up to a stoplight and blasted music from their $5,000 JBL subwoofers, rattling the hell out of their $4,000 2002 Chevy Aveos…with you stuck right in the middle.

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