We all enjoy hearing remixes especially mashups when it is two different genres. Two different genres were mixed together that sounded so heavenly. If you thought rap and rock couldn't collide you're dead wrong. I very much enjoyed hearing Ludacris and My Darkest Days come together for the remix "Porn Star Dancing" in 2010. But Hawthorne Heights and Post Malone meshed so well together with their songs "Ohio" and "I Fall Apart" last month.

Not sure who was responsible for this nifty mashup with Post Malone and Hawthorne Heights. But one thing that was for sure is the mashup was interesting to hear. We get tired of hearing the same version of one song, but it is always nice to move on to something newer. Now "Ohio" is older than "I Fall Apart" but when you mix them both together it's like a blast from the past happening in the present.

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