Kind of a funny story about today’s Monday Morning Mash-up; Brandon was off today but over the weekend he sent several Mash-ups to choose from. He included the following admonition:

“All of these are clean, but I'm going to tell you right, now, these are possibly gong worthy (one definitely is).”

Gosh! That really made me curious about which one was the gong-worthy one (we have a rule where if two show members give a Mash Up a gong we stop playing it immediately). I chose to play the first one on Brandon’s list, a Mash of Disturbed and the Village People. Within seconds I was sure I had picked the one Brandon predicted to be gong-worthy. I ended up gonging it about a minute and a half in but no one else did so we let it run in its entirety. On the MoSho chat listeners seemed to, for the most part, really enjoy it. So maybe I guessed wrong? Nope. Brandon showed up in the FB chat to confirm that THIS mash up was, in fact, the gong bait.

I’ll say this, though: I never understood the lyrics that Dave Draiman was screa-ing as well as I did in this mix.

Here it is. Today’s Mashup is “Down With the Y.M.C.A.” The Mash Up artist is DoubleGlog and you can check him out, follow him and subscribe to his channel here.

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