A “Mashup” is defined as a “recording created by digitally combining and synchronizing instrumental tracks with vocal tracks from two or more different songs.”

When a Mashup is done well it makes both (or more) of the songs involved sound cool and awesome in a fresh new way. Today’s Mashup is from валера михалёв (yeah, I have no idea what that says or even what language it’s in. Elvish, maybe?). You can see more of his (her?) stuff on YouTube HERE.

A good Mashup may make you think, “Gee, those songs match up way better than I would have thought they would.” A surprisingly good Mashup leaves you thinking, “Wow, I would have NEVER guessed those two songs would go together so well.”

In one corner, we have The Beatles, at the absolute height of their fabness. In the other corner, Motley Crue, at their motliest. The Mash Up is called “A Hard Girl’s Night”.

Notice at the beginning when the video has Ringo drumming…perfectly…to Tommy Lee’s intro in “Girls, Girl’s, Girl’s”. Later, there’s a nice juxtaposition in which it looks like Mick Mars is playing George’s guitar solo from “A Hard Day’s Night”.

Full disclosure time: The Beatles are, hands down, my favorite band of all time. It’s awesome to see a band I loved with two other things that are very near and dear to my heart…T & A.

Imaginary dialogue to be played over the motorcycles revving at the beginning:

“Hey, Ringo! Check that out, man”

“Where, John? Where?”

“Right there, man!”

“ Gear!"

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