I'm sure you're doing all the good luck rituals while you're watching this older man attempt some skateboard tricks. According to Amazinglife247 this older gentleman you see in the video above is 55 years old.

This 55 year-old man goes by the name of "Gnarly Neal" which you will find out why after watching! It's amazing how this older man hasn't lost his touch when it comes to riding. One trick that will leave you stunned is 1:20 into the video and he pretty much kicks a**. He has quite the passion and love for skateboarding that you can notice as he's on that board with no fear of falling. Usually most older elders gain a fear and lose confidence in what they once loved doing at a younger age. But definitely NOT "Gnarly Neal" as he shows off skills while you witness them. If you have a passion for something don't ever bail from so you can pull off a bust like Neal.

Let "Gnarly Neal" teach YOU a few skateboarding tricks and show what confidence is all about!




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