If you or someone you know enjoy skateboarding then this is important to share! El Paso has a hidden ditch park that could be useful to those who enjoy skateboarding.

It's Our Fault published this under 30 seconds tour of the hidden ditch park. The guy recording gives you a quick overview of your surroundings at the hidden park. You will also notice other skaters hanging around with their boards. There are a few skaters that said they really enjoy skateboarding at this specific spot. After It's Our Fault published this, it sparked an interest in other local skateboarders. The dude recording the preview of the place mentioned he didn't get to skate it due to weather and construction. It doesn't look as big as other skate parks around El Paso but sure does look like a challenge.

If you're getting bored of the same park you go to and need some new turf to skateboard around, this is it!

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