If you enjoy watching people get frustrated learning a new trade, then this is something you must see! These 4 cholos decided to learn how to play golf with their instructor Eric which doesn't end up in disaster... or does it?

The best thing to witness is seeing everyone get into character like these cholos dressing and trying to play professionally. The first lesson they need to learn in golf is driving and it's safe to say these guys can't drive a a golf club the way they drive a low rider. Second lesson they practice for is putting and they had more fun talking about which hoe they would use to putt NOT screw. After practicing they finally get starting with hitting the golf ball into hole one. Then once hole five is over and done with these cholos took a quick swig break with shots and beers.

If you want to poke some fun and watch these cholos really try their hardest playing a professional sport, knock yourself out!


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