I am having mixed feelings about this remake of Charlie's Angels that is coming this fall. I never saw the old school Charlie's Angels but did see the ones with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. I saw the trailer to the upcoming remake and not really a fan of the cast for the new flick.

The reason may be that I got too comfortable with the last three ladies from 2000. Not only that, they really switched it up by making Bosley a female instead of male. Everyone has grown up with Bosley being a male in the films since forever ago. Another thing is usually Bosley was always hidden in the last Charlie's Angels films until now.

Above you can see a trailer of the new Charlie's Angels that will be releasing this fall. The flick will be released Friday, November 15 this year. They really changed it up with the cast and by not keeping Bosley's identity hidden.

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