If you've been wanting a new hangout spot to kick it at adventure awaits. Except for the new spot is doing something totally different than most places. You don't ever hear of two sports being combined into one.

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The new place I am talking about that you may or may not have heard of is Kick Social. This new joint is where you can have a drink (since it's BYOB) and even get active. Kick Pool (snook ball) will be coming to El Paso soon.

If you're wondering what the heck is Kick Pool wonder no more. Kick Pool is a combination of soccer and pool combined into just one sport. Normally we all play pool with our hands but not at Kick Social.

At Kick Social, you're playing pool with your feet instead of your hands. So your main goal is to kick the balls into the hole. The gnarly thing about it is the soccer balls are painted just like the billiard balls used for pool.

So no need to handle the stick when you can lace up your kicks for this unique sport. If you're still sort of confused about how it would work, just check out Max Vang's YouTube video above. This unique combo of sports is also kid-friendly which would make a great and competitive family outing.

Kick Social gave us a sneak peek inside providing a few pictures that you can see below. It's unknown when Kick Social will open but we do know it is coming soon. Cheers to the new place you can kick it in just your socks.

Kick Social's Preview

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