The last time some of us stepped foot inside the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium location was in October of 2019. In fact, before Gene Roddenberry Planetarium relocated from Boeing Dr. Insights held a free show on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. That free show was magnificent and took a lot of us adults back to our youth.

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I certainly experienced a flashback visiting Gene Roddenberry Planetarium from the field trips we enjoyed in our younger days from elementary times. After teaching us about the moon phases the staff had shared a teaser of their new plans about relocating. Although their timeline was a bit off then, at least they're planning on opening this summer within the same year.

On Thursday afternoon last week, the Official El Paso Independent School District Facebook page shared an exciting status. Parents and their kids are rejoicing for the return of the place you used to escape to space. The E.P.I.S.D. Facebook page shared a short video about Gene Roddenberry Planetarium coming back soon.

Gene Roddenberry Planetarium is opening right on time especially right before the next school year begins. It has already been said that all kids will return to school for in-person learning this school year. It's unclear if schools plan on participating in future field trips this school year but if they do, Gene Roddenberry Planetarium will be ready.

It's crazy to think how fast time went by from when the staff shared the news about relocating in 2019. Now, there isn't much time left until Gene Roddenberry Planetarium opens its doors to the public. Cross your fingers they do some sort of grand opening show as they did right before closing temporarily.

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