There is a hot spot in El Paso where locals enjoy the food and especially the drinks. The popular joint happens to be Chucoviche Mariscos the food truck you occasionally visit when you want a scrumptious snack or refreshment. Now if you're a Westsider, it may seem like a mini road trip for you since it is on Montana Ave. past Joe Battle.

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But if you have ever visited this popular food truck before then you know how complicated it could get trying to park especially if there's a lot of people. Especially on the weekends, during the day it can get crowded which made parking difficult especially being near a busy street.

There have been times where people (including me) are stopping for a nice treat and it can cause quite the pileup of traffic. But the frustration of visiting is well worth the taste of snacks and drinks they offer at the food truck.

But luckily for them (staff) and us (the customers) will have it made when Chucoviche Mariscos has their grand opening. Chucoviche Mariscos Facebook page shared a status mentioning the good things to come this new year 2022.

It is unsure when the grand opening will be but I am sure a lot of El Pasoans are excitedly ready and waiting. Plus, after mentioning there will be a bigger parking lot I'm sold a lot of other customers will be happy with the improvements.

Chucoviche Mariscos is known for its ceviche, tacos, and mind-blowing aguas frescas that are loaded with sweet treats like the mazapan one. You can check out what they're all about by scoping their Instagram page by clicking here.

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