First of all, I know what you're thinking: "Who would name their playlist '95.5 KLAQ?'" because that is exactly what I was thinking!

I stumbled upon these playlists because I was actually searching for Nico & Buzz's new podcast, which you can find out all about by clicking here. If you search for "95.5 KLAQ" on Spotify, you'll also find mine and Emily's podcast and the Buzz Adams Morning Show On Demand podcast.

You will also find four playlists that are named "95.5 KLAQ-El Paso's Best Rock-El Paso, Texas", "95.5 KLAQ Rock El Paso, Texas", "KLAQ 95.5 FM" and "KLAQ 95.5 Playlist".

While looking through these playlists, I was actually surprised! It feels as though these Spotify users went into our system and got the same exact music log we have! I can already hear the jokes, though, "Well you guys play the same five Metallica songs over and over". These playlists kind of prove you wrong; three of these playlists have over 200 songs.

Check out these playlists!

How insane is it that these users took their time to carefully craft these playlists? I have so many questions! Were these users people who lived in El Paso and enjoyed our station so much they decided to make playlists of their own?

Or, were these users just tired of the commercials and decided to curate their own playlist so they wouldn't have to hear the ads? In which case, I hope they have Spotify premium otherwise they'd still have to deal with commercials.

How long did it take them to create this playlist?

How long did they listen to our station in order to create these playlists?

It's kind of weird, and a little concerning, this is basically our competitor! But these people still took the time to create KLAQ inspired playlists.  If you don't have Spotify, don't worry, you can always hear the Q for free on our mobile App! I know that we can't really compete with Spotify, but at least we can help you score free tickets to concerts.

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