Things are much bigger down under! A young Aussie discover a creepy crawler roaming around the lounge room and decides to call his father to come and document his finding.

This video above will give you another reason why visiting Australia may be a no go. Besides the horror film Wolf Creek scaring you from visiting, this not so little cockroach would be another reason to avoid Australia. Sir Makes A Lot did the right thing by grabbing a camera and filming what his son called a huge cockroach. Normally our kids tend to exaggerate size and events but this kid definitely wasn't wrong when he said there's a massive cockroach strolling along in the lounge room. They show you just how big the cockroach is when they decide to hold it in their hands.

Sometimes bigger isn't always better but in the case of the colossal cockroach, this Australian family will gladly accept their 4 million views!