Ever since the mockumentary “Spinal Tap” came out in 1984 there’s been a lot of speculation about what real bands were inspirations for the titular group.

Celebs At The Premiere Of "This Is Spinal Tap"
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Also, ever since its release, bands have enjoyed sharing their “real-life Spinal Tap moments”.  Robert Plant, Ozzy, and Dee Snider have ALL said they had experiences as Tap went through trying to find their way to the stage.

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Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford said Steven Tyler didn’t like the movie because Aerosmith’s most recent album also featured an image of Stonehenge!

So, the movie itself did a good job of establishing what a “Spinal Tap Moment” is…

And, again when the band appeared in cartoon form in the third season of “The Simpsons”

“Real Life Spinal Tap Moments”… never get old! AND, new ones will continue to be added as long as live concerts exist.

One of the MOST Spinal Tap-Esque bands of all time had just such a moment on Sunday.

"Biography: KISStory" - 2021 Tribeca Festival
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KISS was playing in Vienna. At the end of the concert, the KISS logo pops on a massive screen with the motif of the Australian flag. The problem is that Vienna is in AUSTRIA, not Australia.

Fortunately, since 2022, we have about nine thousand videos of the goof…

So who do you think was responsible for finding the Austrian flag? “Dumb” or “Dumber”?

“Let’s ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie!”

So, thank you KISS, for another all-rime great Spinal Tap Moment!  At least you don’t keep losing a never-ending parade of drummers like Spinal Tap! Oh…right.

Well…at least Spinal Tap never thought of slapping their logo on a coffin and charging four thousand bucks for it!

So, yeah…KISS may be the only band that’s MORE Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap.

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