If you had to pick a side, which would you choose between an African Mantis or a cockroach? The African Mantis and cockroach are faced with one another and you can guess the rest from there.

Kitkat39 caught some gross action between these two insects that battle it out to the death....literally. First off, not sure why someone would hold on to a cockroach but this person did. From the looks of it, it seems as if this match between the cockroach and mantis was premeditated. We know roaches have the ability to fly or squeeze into tight spaces. As for the African Mantis, it has a  fierce hunting technique and can be kept as a pet. The African Mantis above must be a female due to the approach she has on the cockroach. This definitely is one gross battle mainly because of the sound effects of one killing the other.

From reading the facts about the two insects, you should already know which will win this death match!

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