As Halloween creeps on us, people are suddenly deciding to buy decorations. When I say, people, I mean Buzz for the Halloween parade. As I was trying to find a cauldron for the KLAQ float, I stumbled upon this odd figure. Named the Mistress Arachne Sculpture, this figure jumped out at me when I didn't really want it to.

The description for this product states:

With spider webs spun from the heels of her stilettos to the tips of her fingers, you're bound to be tempted by the fourth in this series by artist Pennington. Ready to pounce at a moment's notice, our temptress draws upon the mythical legend of the Lydian maiden that the goddess Minerva transformed into a spider. This intricately sculpted, quality designer resin Toscano exclusive is finely hand-painted one piece at a time as a distinctive collectible.

WHOA! Okay, I don't get it but I am not here to judge. I am here to celebrate the Halloween mood. This figure does represent some beloved Halloween characteristics such as spider webs, creepy stances in costumes and making things sexy when they shouldn't be. This will make a great Christmas gift for those who live Halloween all year long. It also might end up in our own studio if Buzz stumbles upon it during one of his Zzz-bay moments. 

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