In today’s unboxing video, Joanna joins Buzz to open his most recent purchases, most of which Buzz doesn’t remember making. Buzz has tons of money and doesn't know what to do with so he spends it all on things he doesn't need, like most rich men. Pretty soon he will start dipping everything in gold.

Here’s a short poem about today’s unboxing video:

Verging on an induced stupor

Buzz orders things he thinks are super

But will he find these items so great

When at last arrives the delivery date?

There’s a hat that Joanna deems cool

And a shirt from Buzz’s favorite school

Another purchase none too wise

It’s a shirt his bae will despise

A drink that promises to bring sleep

And a key that’s worthless but at least was cheap.

Maybe Buzz needs some time detoxing

But, first, it’s time for some unboxing.

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