There are people who are still riding around with their Halloween decorations attached to their vehicles. Over the weekend I spotted this El Paso driver with a skeleton just chilling in the back of a pickup truck. It was pretty funny to see a skeleton just sitting without moving while the truck moved.

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We all witness crazy things while we are driving on the road around El Paso. This skeleton on the pickup truck was in the lower valley area of El Paso.

Now a lot of us come across some crazy sights while we're out and about on the roads in El Paso. This is considered one of those crazy sights since Halloween is officially over.

Although some of us wish, we could experience Halloween all over again.

It is entertaining because I was sure as hell excited after watching it happen before my own eyes. While watching the truck drive off was funny to see, the skeleton stays in place and does not really move much.

I am all for people who keep their decorations on for a longer period of time. I believe if I got a kick out of seeing the skeleton on the back of a truck others would as well.

The skeleton has me wondering how well it really holds up while driving on the freeway. I really hope the driver is able to keep the skeleton on their vehicle until the authority says otherwise. Other Halloween fanatics would also find it fascinating fellow El Pasoan's are keeping the Halloween spirit alive in their own way.

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