Maybe we will find Glen in there...dead or alive.

At the 2015 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) convention in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, a possible Walking Dead ride was unveiled and it could be scaring you in a theme park very soon!

An animatronics zombie next to a display of Rick Grimes' sheriff hat has ignited the rumors of a possible gruesome Walking Dead theme park ride called "Battle For Survival." Sally Corporation created the Walking Dead display for IAAPA and has plans to make this ride an actual reality.

The only problem is what park would this ride call home? I really doubt Mickey Mouse would want zombies moving into the happiest place on earth. Whatever needs to be done to get this ride up and running in a year, make it happen Sally Corp. and Robert Kirkman! You're still making us wait on Glen, at least give us a confirmation on the ride. Also please bring back my baby Hershel, I miss him so much.

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