There’s a new theme park coming to Texas and it’s supposed to be a “one-of-a-kind” theme park, unlike any other in the world!!! That’s according to a press release shared by Universal Parks & Resort.

Universal announced that they would be bringing a theme park to Frisco, Texas which will be specifically designed to inspire fun for families with young children.

Frisco is a city in Texas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. It’s about a 10 hours drive from El Paso, Texas.

According to Universal Park & Resorts, the new park concept will feature immersive theme lands, lush green landscape and it will celebrate Universal’s iconic brand of entertainment.

What does all of that mean? Your guess is as good as mine is, but the fact that Texas is finally going to be getting their own Universal Themed park is something exciting.

Texas is home to a few pretty awesome theme parks already including Six Flags, Sea World, and of course our very own Western Playland.

Western Playland
Western Playland

However, Texas getting a Universal Theme Park will be a great addition and hopefully open the door for other big theme parks to come our way.

There is no set date as to when this theme park would open, but right now The proposed location for the new concept is ideally situated east of the Dallas North Tollway and north of Panther Creek Parkway.

According to Universal Parks & resort officials, the new theme park is intended to have a completely different look, feel, and scale than Universal’s existing parks and will appeal to a new audience for the brand.


Why Frisco Though?

When this news broke, many locals asked, Frisco? Why not El Paso?

Well, Universal Parks & Resorts selected the city of Frisco, in North Texas, as the area for this new concept given the city’s growing population and ability to attract businesses to the area. 

Which leads me to repeat, why not El Paso?!

Whatever the reason is, I’m just happy to see more things making their way to Texas!

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