When you think of theme parks, you probably think of Disneyland, Six Flags or Universal Studios. We've talked about theme parks before, like Hanna Barbera Land that used to exist in Texas. This time we're talking about another park all centered around childhood toys; the Mattel themed park in Arizona.

What toys are owned by Mattel

Many popular kids toys are owned by Mattel; Fisher Price, the UNO card game, American Girl... but the biggest names are Hot Wheels,

Mattel's Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 46 Percent
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Mattel's Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 46 Percent
Getty Images

and recently the Thomas & Engines line (aka Thomas the Tank Engine). Other popular toys include the He-Man & the Masters of the Universe line, the Cars line of toys & the Power Wheels line.

Where is the Mattel theme park opening up?

Glendale Arizona is the future site for the Mattel Adventure Park, a park & resort with rides dedicated to mainly Hot Wheels, Barbie, Thomas & Friends. The park has been a work in progress since at least 2021; however a YouTuber, Adventures with Alex, posted a video back in April 2023 showing the progress of the creation of one of the park's Hot Wheels roller coaster rides.

So while the work is taking a long time, the video does show that the park IS indeed being worked on at the time of this writing.

So when will Mattel Adventure Park open up?

As mentioned earlier, the park has been in the works since 2021 & thus the completion date has been pushed back a few times. However the park is expected to finish sometime in 2024. There's even a "Construction Cam" just in case you want to see the park be built in real time.

So until then, we'll just have to build our own Hot Wheels tracks & play with Barbie dolls at home.

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