Ever just want to find someone that's down to get in a fight for no reason? Then you'd be a fan of Rumblr.

There are tons of social media apps out there to peak every interest you may have. And if getting into fight for no reason at all is one of them, we have the perfect app for you.

Rumblr is a new app that allows you to find people in your area who are down to get into a fight with you. No exact reason other than you both like to fight. Recreational fighters get to find, meet and fight! You can even check out the stats on the person you're fighting like age, height, weight, last fight, their record and more. And even if you aren't the fighting type, but like to watch a good fight, you can still use Rumblr.

Rumblr Explore lets you browse and check out fights with other Rumblr users happening in your area. And everything is free.

Check out what Rumblr looks like here.