Everywhere I go, someone wants to discuss The Walking Dead and what they think is going to happen. Here are a few of the best ones I have heard so far and what I think will happen tomorrow night. 

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Beth is in Terminus

This is the rumor that every has been going around since she was first kidnapped. You never see the people that grab her and you know they have nothing to do with the men who Rick saw inside the other house, since Darryl is now with them. Another clue that she may be in Terminus? The sweater that Mary is wearing, the woman who greets Glenn and friends at Terminus. Underneath her layers, she is wearing Beth's sweater. Either Beth is already dead and in some soup, or she is being held captive inside of Terminus.

Terminus is full of cannibals

Another crazy rumor that I have seen, but really may be true. In the comic books (which I have never read btw), there is a settlement of a bunch of men who are cannibals, so maybe the Walking Dead writers changed things around a bit to throw people off. Another reason this could be true, there are no people inside Terminus when they arrive. Wouldn't you expect a place that tons of refugees are heading to would have more people there when you see it. Also, there would be more security. The doors are unlocked, gates are unlocked and they simply waltz through into the heart of Terminus. That is a very fishy situation.

Mary is the woman in the photograph

Remember when Michonne and Carl are searching through the house in an earlier episode? Michonne finds two paintings, that are very significant. The first, is the photo of the woman that is covered in blood. The woman has the same color hair as Mary, same shirt and her hair is styled in exactly the same way. The next painting that is important is the painting of the flowers. There is a painting on the wall of a sunflower, and when the survivors of the prison arrive at Terminus, there are sunflowers planted all over the place. The same as the sunflower in the house.

Glenn is going to die

The last episode was way too happy for Walking Dead. Right after there is a happy moment, something awful has to happen to even it out. Glenn and Maggie found each other, even though Glenn was making almost every mistake possible. Writing that says Maggie is this way? Glenn takes off running trying to leave the other. Tara injures her foot? Sure, come along with Glenn while he is trying to hurry to find Maggie. Dark tunnel which you know obviously has tons of zombies in it? Gelnn's going in! Tara gets her leg stuck and gives him the ok to run away and she will be zombie meat, but Glenn stays with her to try and help. Then at the last second, when zombie are going to enjoy a nice dinner, here comes Maggie and friends to save the day. Glenn got off so lucky all last episode, which means he is either going to lose the thing he loves the most, or he will be the one sacrificed. My money is on Glenn going down, no one can be that lucky.

And those are my ideas of what I think will happen in the next episode of The Walking Dead, airing tomorrow. I can hardly wait to find out just how right I am.