Remember the television show Alf from the late 80's? It was about the smart-mouthed creature that crash-landed into the Tanner's garage.

I remember watching this show at my grandma's when she would watch my sister and me while my parents were at work. It surprised me that the show only had 4 seasons unlike other shows that weren't as great. The last episode from season 4 aired March 24, 1990 which was about Alf reuniting with his friends. It's always interesting to see what our favorite past time actors are up to now and days. Luckily Then & Now published this video that's less than 5 minutes and shows you how they look. The only one that looks drastically different is Max Wright who played (the dad) Mr. Tanner. But it's a trip to see the kiddos from the show all grown up now. This is the one show I would love to see brought back to life after being on a long time hiatus.

If you were a fan of Alf then, you will want to see what the cast looks like now!

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