If you check into the Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, you probably noticed something. The Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast isn't around. At least, the last time it was updated was May 26th. And now, that podcast is completely gone! Oh no! What should you do?!

It's pretty simple, just look up Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast again. It's there, but you do have to resubscribe to it. We changed how we uploaded the podcast so it got put on hold for a bit. We had to go through the approval process all over again. Well, we've made it through and it's now up.

So, here is all you have to do to get the podcast again

  1. Go to wherever you get your podcasts. That could be Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, doesn't matter.
  2. Search "Buzz Adams Morning Show Podcast"
  3. Subscribe

Yes, you have to go through these steps again because it's being treated as a whole new podcast. But it is the same thing. The daily show condensed down to about an hour and a half to two hours. And yes, we do know that there is certain audio clips that don't come through on the podcast. We don't have the rights to broadcast those in a podcast, so unfortunately we have to leave those out.

So, go forth! Subscribe! Rate! Review! And enjoy the Buzz Adams Morning Show podcast! You can, again, take us wherever you'd like to go.


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