The other day Buzz pointed out that all of us on the show have surpassed the 30 year mark. First off- rude! Sometimes I forget that I'm officially in my thirties, or maybe I just don't want to remember I am! Remember when we were young kids in the 90's and we thought people in their 30's were such grown ups with their life all figured out? Let's all laugh together at that statement.

Well, since we all have passed the 30 year mark, Buzz thought it was the perfect time to go through a listicle of "ten things you shouldn't have in your home once you're over 30", and we had some thoughts. So if you think you're totally an adult, well then you better not have these ten things in your house:

1. Inflatable furniture.
Not going to lie, I always wanted a pink, inflatable couch, just as much as I wanted those translucent phones! I never got the inflatable couch, and the way my back acts up now, I don't think I ever will.

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2. Stuffed animals on your bed.
Obviously, if you have kids it's okay, but maybe it's time to throw out that stuffed bear that your ex from high school won for you at the carnival.

3. Plastic cups, plates, and silverware.
I greatly oppose this one. I have regular plates and cups and silverware, but sometimes I don't want to do the dishes, that's where my paper plates come in handy!

4. Old trophies
I know I had some old trophies as a kid, but I wouldn't be able to tell you where they are now! Probably in a box in the attic.

5. A super-old mattress
Like a ten year old mattress. Do your back a favor and get a new one!

6. Dreamcatchers
This one took all of us by surprise, I don't think I knew anyone who had one in their home, I do however know a few women who have one tattooed on their back.

7. Paper floor lamps.
According to the interior decorator from the article, they're great in college, or even in your late 20s. But upgrade when you can. However, when we looked them up, we thought they were still pretty cool.

8. Anything space-themed.
This one I oppose to as well. When they say "space-themed" they mean things like sheets or blankets with moon-and-star patterns. And those glow-in-the-dark stars that stick on your ceiling should go. My room has a theme and I plan on sticking to it! Those glow in the dark stars are amazing! Also, don't shame my favorite blanket!

GigiBlanket via Etsy
GigiBlanket via Etsy

9. Cork boards
I don't really understand this one, people have cork boards in their houses? For what?

10. Shot glasses as décor
Apparently you can keep them to actually use them, but not for decoration. Apparently, no one is going to care that you went to Seattle eight years ago- which I object to as well, they're great conversation starters!

What do you think about this list? You can hear our entire conversation through the Buzz Adams Morning Show Podcast.

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