Another interview with another talented tattoo artist! Owner and tattoo artist at Syncere Tattoo in Las Cruces, NM, Diane Basler-White answers our tattoo questions.  You can visit her shop even after the festival since she’s right down the road.  Not to mention her Disney princess sleeve makes me green with envy everytime I see it. So get to know Diane Basler-White with our short interview below.


1. Where did you start tattooing and where has that journey taken you?
I first started tattooing in 2004 and tattooing has taken me amazing places! I started in my hometown Las Cruces N.M. which is also where my own shop is located. I have done several different guest spots as well as conventions all over the country.

2. Have any of those places inspired you or the things you enjoy drawing?
Of course! As artists I think we are inspired by everything we surround ourselves with. So going to different places and working in different environments have definitely inspired my work, drawing and tattooing.

3. Have any of the artists you have worked with in the past inspired you or helped you become a better artist?
I think conventions and guest spots have inspired me the most, seeing the quality of work and the amazing talent out there has definitely pushed me to be a much better artist all around.

4. What do you enjoy doing more, tattooing or drawing art? Or are they similar?
I think even though drawing was my first love, tattooing has taken the cake. I will always love to do artwork for myself but creating something for someone else that they love and will appreciate for the rest of their lives is indescribable. Our clients trust us to give them a permanent piece of artwork, which is not something I take lightly. I am fortunate to have a lot of clients that give me a general idea but also allow creative freedom; it enables me to blend my two passions together pretty seamlessly.

5. What is your favorite type of tattoo to do?
I am really well-rounded, but I enjoy realistic, portraits, or bright color!

6. Do you enjoy using colors or black and white art more?
Both! There is a good deal of skill involved with either one.

7. Do you have a lot of appointments already for the Texas Tattoo Showdown?
I am pretty much booked for the show, but I always leave some time for walk up appointments as well. I have some time for smaller pieces Friday and Sunday.

8. What is around the average cost for your artwork on someone’s body?

Usually depends on the piece, complexity, color, placement etc. For bigger pieces, such as sleeves and what not it is $100 an hour.

9. Are there any other artists you recommend at the Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival?
There are WAY to many amazing artists this year to even begin to narrow it down. The bar has been set high for everyone this year!

10. What is the best way for a interested customer to reach you?
Probably through email which would be or through my Facebook page.

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