The song “Hometown” is getting lots of airplay at KLAQ and all over Rock Radio stations across America and Canada. The band is Cleopatrick. They’ve been around for a couple of years, but for the majority of radio listeners, it may be Cleo-who?

Part of that is simply because they made it without management, without a Label, and without some famous person saying, “I discovered them.”

These two Canadian small-town longtime buddies used social media, their fellow New Rock Mafia members, and a feverish fan base that is getting bigger beyond the hometown crew to begin making the world aware of their presence.

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For any musicians who want to be a band for real, Cleopatrick is a case study for how to do it! Check out this article from to find out how they tricked Spotify into getting their music played.

Our own Kevin Vargas who also happens to fill-in on Loudwire Nights when host Toni Gonzalez is off, talked with the “fake it ‘til you make it” boys Luke Gruntz and Ian Frasier, to find out just who the heck is Cleopatrick?

In the video interview, you’ll learn the true story behind the mythology of their AC/DC inspiration. You’ll see a couple of “regular guys” who want to keep Rock honest, which is another way they’re like-minded. You’ll learn the true definition of fixation when Spiderman (actor Tom Holland) is discussed as the sole person they follow on Twitter. Yup, they have a LOT of followers, but follow only that one adored person. You’ll also see a way cool drip logo t-shirt that you should buy.

They do have a full album on the way though the title or details on a release date haven’t been shared just yet. Still, there are other songs from Cleopatrick you can check out now on YouTube such as “Good Grief.”

The main reason to give this interview your time is to meet Cleopatrick, a band the Q is betting will be around giving us some solid (and yes honest) Rock tunes well beyond this first offering.

You can always count on making random new music discoveries as we continually search out interesting rocking’ new artists. That goal is a pledge Toni Gonzalez makes every Monday through Friday with her show Loudwire Nights. Plus, Daniel Paulus showcases new national and local releases every Sunday Night from 10 p.m. to Midnight on Q-Connected.

So…take a few minutes and go discover Cleopatrick, eh?

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