The 7th annual Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo is back in El Paso for 2024, bigger and better than ever.

The Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo has been bringing tattoo artists, piercers, classic cars, demonstrations, all kinds of entertainers and lots more to El Paso for years, this being the 7th annual.

The tattoo artists come from not only El Paso but from all over the United States and beyond, all under one roof. Tickets available at the door.

Over 150 artists will be in the El Paso Convention Center this weekend, Friday - Sunday. You can visit with the artists, get ideas and actually have your work done on the spot by some of the biggest names in the game.

"Lingerie Fighting Championships 27: Sexy, Nerdy, Inked & Curvy"
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On top of that, you can also check out some sweet, vintage cars and motorcycles and enjoy live entertainment including an aerial demonstration by the amazing Laura Schmitz from El Paso's own On Edge Aerial.

In addition to getting some new ink, you can also see about getting rid of some. If you're tired of that weird looking tatt your buddy gave you in his garage back in high school, have one that's totally faded or need to get rid of your ex's name; there are products and services to help that you can learn about at the Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo.

All in all, it's going to be a helluva weekend loaded with fun things to do and incredible art to see and maybe have for your very own. Learn more here or visit their Facebook page.

2023 Star City Tattoo Expo

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