A lot of us love to get tattoos of something that means so much to us on our bodies. Usually, almost everyone has a story behind every tattoo they have on their body. Hopefully, no one in El Paso has pulled a Steve-O by getting a tattoo of themself on their body.

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But what we choose to get tattooed on our bodies signifies so much and somewhat tells our story. I am always amazed by people who get tattoos of their hometown on their bodies.

There are all sorts of ways people have El Paso tattooed on their bodies in the borderland. We should be familiar with the 915, El Paso Strong, or the outline of the state of Texas with a star on the tip.

But there is someone who admires the wonderful photography skills of a local photographer Jorge Salgado so much, he was willing to get a tattoo of it. You're familiar with the local photographer Jorge Salgado who is known for selling El Paso-themed calendars.

He is one of the many photographers you catch taking tons of pictures at all events that go down at Southwest University Park. Well, one of Jorge Salgado's photos inspired an El Paso man Jae Anaya to get a tattoo of the star on the mountain.

You should always take pride in your tattoos even if you have the Chico's Tacos mascot tattooed on your body like this person. Everyone has their own unique way of showing they're from El Paso with the tattoos on their body.

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