I'm not sure who is trying to outdo who on this one but, at the moment, Texas and New Mexico have the same number of official state animals.

I was surprised to find that the lone star state has multiple, official state animals. One of those "official" animals also has a reputation for being one of natures dumbest critters.

As it turns out, New Mexico also has a bunch of state animals.

When it comes to official state "things", every state has a list. Official state animals, state songs, state slogans ... whatever you got; there's probably an "official" one.

To learn all 8, official, Texas state animals, click here. Like Texas, New Mexico's "not so hateful 8", crawl, swim and fly. Except for the one that's been extinct for a zillion years.

It doesn't do much of anything these days.

  • American Black Bear - They're very cuddly looking and who doesn't love Smokey the Bear?  Stay away from them though, trust me.
  • Greater Roadrunner - No coyotes on this list.
  • Probably due to all the bad PR this guy caused.
Kapitol Klowns Clown Convention
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Final score, Texas 8 - New Mexico 8. Except, while Texas has a dinosaur, it wasn't counted in our 8 so, sorry NM.

Texas wins, 9-8 in overtime.

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