I like to think that all people in New Mexico and Texas love dogs. Although I know it's impossible for everyone to love a particular thing -- dogs in this case -- I'll keep imagining it to be true.

I still remember the day I got to pick out my first dog. She was a black and white Cocker Spaniel named Anna, and she was the only pup of the litter who wanted to play with me. Even at the age of 6, I knew she was the perfect companion to grow up with. Today, I have a young, rowdy miniature Australian Shepherd named Maple who loves to play. And Like my first dog, she's perfect for this phase of life.

Both of these animals have made me realize how much having a dog can improve your daily life, and I hope everyone has a pet like that -- even if dogs may not be your thing.

Did you know each state has a breed it loves most?

While I love all dogs, I can't lie and say I'm not partial to Australian Shepherds. And I love Dobermans as well -- this is a breed I've always wanted to own.

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The same goes for every state in America. Apparently, each loves a particular breed of dog at least a little more than all the others, according to Spot Pet Insurance. 

And for the United States as a whole, one breed does hold the spot of favor. The top breed in America is Labrador Retrievers -- closely followed by German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

What is the most popular dog in Texas and New Mexico?

It turns out that one thing Texas and New Mexico have in common is a love for Labrador Retrievers. Like a lot of Americans, these states love this breed.

YBag Media via Unsplash
YBag Media via Unsplash

I wasn't expecting this to be the top breed for New Mexico and Texas but at the same time, I'm not surprised. I do see a whole lot of labs around.

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