Texas may have a lot of musical legends, but according to people online, especially on rate your music, there are some truly polarizing artists from Texas, and one from New Mexico in particular. Some artists have multiple albums that are considered the worst so we’ll take a look to see who exactly is “the worst of all time”.

Lets start with the “worst” artists & albums from Texas artists

From the Lone Star State, people on Rate Your Music chose Houston’s Machine Gun Kelly. Two of his albums were voted the worst;

  • Mainstream Sellout at #55,
  • Bloom at #76.

Even some of his diehard fans admitted on Reddit, that he does have some songs that might be considered the worst. But he wasn’t the only one. In Rate Your Music's Top 100 Worst Releases YouTube video, they added two more Texas artists:

  • Neal McCoy from Jacksonville, Texas with his album “Take a Knee… My Ass” at #29.
  • And Demonice from Dallas, TX with her Demonice EP at #25.

However 1 New Mexico artist is considered to be even worse than all of them.

The one group that has them all beat because comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico… the Crunkcore group known as Brokencyde. How bad are their albums? If you ask Rate Your Music, they've included not one, not two, not three, But EVERY SINGLE ONE on their worst albums lists. Their reputation has become quite synonymous with being considered one of the most HATED bands of all time.

Growing up in the 2000s I do remember how big they were and I wasn’t exactly a fan of their music. But despite all of the hate they received, they have made a very interesting impact in music. While people may not like their music, people have acknowledged what they've done during their history…

So are these the worst artists from each state? Obviously, that answer is subjective. People can make a case for other artists and even defend The ones mentioned above. Whether you love them or hate them, we ARE talking about them. That’s definitely for sure. Besides... there are other songs considered to be even worse then these ones...

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