Most Texas drivers are probably already aware of many driving laws in the Lone Star state. No texting while driving, no speeding, make sure to wear a seatbelt.

Texas Seat Belt Exemptions
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But, there's a whole world of driving laws that a few Texans might not be aware exist! I only bring this up because in my family, my nephew is gearing up to start drivers ed- and we had to give him the serious driving talk and review some driving violations with him.

Here are ten strange driving laws in Texas that you may not (or you have) know existed!

10 Strange Driving Laws that Exist in Texas

You may, or may not, have known that these traffic laws existed in Texas but if ignored they carry a pretty hefty fine!

Some of these may have already been well known, and some were pretty obvious, like the tailgating one; however I was a bit surprised at the windshield wiper one; how is it completely acceptable to drive without a windshield in Texas but you have to make sure you have windshield wipers?! Insane. And how about that U-turn one? Someone should remind me of that one should I ever find myself in Richardson!


Remember when our parents used to tell us not to turn the light on in the car while driving because "It's illegal"? Well, that turned out to be a big fat lie! Turning on that center light isn't illegal- it's just annoying when you're driving. That might have been a lie but it as it turns out, opening the car doors while driving is a major traffic violation; make sure you brush up on these traffic violations- and don't get that hefty fine!

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