Not to sound all macabre or anything, but, I recently asked our Facebook followers if they had their final meal in any El Paso restaurant, which one would it be?

It sounds dark, I know, but, the idea actually came up because our very own Steve Kaplowitz came up to me and told me that he had just had his favorite meal ever, the tacos Antonia at Lucy's- and he said it himself, if he were to have his final meal ever- it would be at Lucy's and it would be the tacos Antonia.

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I thought it was pretty neat that Steve knew that would be his final meal, and it got me thinking what would other people choose for their final meal? So I asked:

And so many of you came through with some great answers! I rounded up the top ten restaurants you all chose for your final meals:

Where El Pasoans Would Have Their Final Meals

Obviously, it looks like many of you want a steak for your final meal!

There were many other great restaurants that y'all chose like:

  • Pelican's
  • L&J
  • Ardovino's Desert Crossing
  • State Line
  • McDonald's (no judgement here)
  • and of course, Whataburger

As for where I would have my final meal? Well I would really want a steak from Victoria's one last time, but also pizza from Peter Piper! It's my last meal and I think that both are doable!

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