Parties are back in my family! We recently got invited to our first quinceañera since the pandemic and I cannot wait.

It's been awhile since we've been to a quince, or really any type of big celebration in my family- it's been a long two years! But I'm glad that we get to have a little sense of normalcy.

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As I'm sure most El Pasoans know, when we throw these kind of events, it's go big or go home. And while the party is always great, one of my favorite things was always the after party. The quince or wedding was over, and everyone headed out to either the after party that usually involved menudo, or to a great restaurant to finish the night with a delicious meal.

Now, because of COVID, a lot of our favorite local places now close early- so I know that going to this quince we are going to be limited on where we can go afterwards. But for the most part, here are nine places El Pasoans LOVE to hit up after the party.

10 After Party El Paso Favorites

While some of these favorites now close early, lots of epic nights somehow always ended up at one of these places! Did your favorite make the list? If it didn't, let us know on our App Chat!

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