On Thursday, July 22nd, El Paso staple H&H Car Wash closed their doors after 63 years of business in the Sun City. Located at 701 Yandell Dr. since 1986, H&H was one of those places where outsiders might have thought of it as a "little hole in the wall" but to all of us here in the Sun City, we knew this was an El Paso institution and THE place to get your car washed and to get a good meal!

On Thursday, H&H owner Maynard Haddad told Steve Kaplowitz: "It's time". That day, El Pasoans lined up to bid H&H farewell, and to say thank you to Haddad who kind of looks like he could be El Paso's grandpa! Many paid tribute on social media and many trekked to H&H for one last taste of those enchiladas!

With H&H Car Wash closing, it made me think of other El Paso institutions that would make me sad to go- of course, they're all restaurants (although, if I had done this maybe 15 years ago, Roller King would have totally been on my list!). Here are 7 other El Paso staples I would be sad to see close their doors.

1. Rosa's Cantina

Rosa's Cantina via FB

Can you image if we lost this place? The Marty Robbins song wouldn't make sense anymore!

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2. Carlos & Mickey's

Carlos & Mickey's via FB

Where would we take everyone who turns 21 to have their first giant Margarita?! It's a tradition.

3. Kiki's Mexican Restaurant 

Kiki's Mexican Restaurant via FB

4. The State Line 

The State Line via FB

This one, would probably hurt the most! My family and I have great memories here and I would hate to see it close!

5. Cattlemen's Steakhouse

Matt Harada via FB

Although this one is technically in Fabens, we still claim it here in El Paso; and it's everyone's favorite place to get a great steak!

6. L&J Cafe

L&J Cafe via FB

The only place you could say "Let's dine by the cemetery" and not sound creepy. Also, where would all the celebrities go to eat if this place closed down?

7. The Tap

The Tap via FB

Downtown would never be the same if this place closed- and nachos across the city would never be the same as well!

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