The Rideshare Foodie is coming to El Paso and he needs to know where he should go!

Kreskin J. Torres, otherwise known as the Rideshare Foodie, is a traveler, video blogger and Army Veteran from Baltimore. During the last five years, he has journeyed through the country to experience all the tasty food each state has to offer- he's also a rideshare driver hence the name "Rideshare Foodie".

He's got tons of great videos on his YouTube page, as well as on his Instagram and Tiktok that showcase some of the delicious food he's had through his journey and now that's he's coming to El Paso, he's asking fellow foodies of the Sun City for recommendations on where he should visit while he's in town.

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On the posts where he has asked El Pasoans where he should visit, there have been tons of comments with some great suggestions on where he should eat. I know that there a lot of great local places he should go to, but I'm sure he doesn't have the time to hit them ALL up- although that would be a series I would definitely watch!

Well, of all the comments, I decided to round up my top five and also suggest that he visit the following:

  • Drac's Cheesesteaks- A delicious hotspot in the heart of Downtown EP that had so many glowing recommendations, he would definitely miss out if he doesn't visit this place!
  • El Chucoviche Mariscos- A highly popular food truck that will soon become an actual restaurant! One sip of their Mazapan agua fresca and I'm sure he'll be hooked!
  • Elemi- I can't not have a taco place on this list! With their handmade tortillas and fresh salsas, the Rideshare Foodie will find out why this restaurant has been featured before.
  • Chase the Taste- I would sell my soul for those Korean Tacos and I want to know if the Rideshare Foodie would too!
  • Deadbeach Brewery- He's going to need something to wash down all that food! The crew at Deadbeach not only put their heart and soul into their special El Paso craft brews but also into their food!

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