This is a time we need to look out for our senior citizens more than ever. The Casa team are devoting their commitment to our community. Team Casa managers and staff are providing an Essential Errand Running Service. The errand service will be in operation from now until April 12. Team Casa will be operating Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Errands will consist of picking up prescription drugs, dropping cars off for service, shopping for groceries, and more.

Casa isn't just a car business it is a place with working staff that cares to help others in need. Team Casa has been helping our community for over 50 years and still keeps the tradition alive. If you're a senior citizen or you know someone who is Team Casa can help. The number for the Essential Errand Running Service is (915) 779-2272 and press 1 for sales. If you would like more information regarding this helpful service you can visit their website

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