When high school seniors finish mandatory schooling they're given a party to celebrate their accomplishment. The Coronado Country Club is where Coronado High School celebrated its Project Graduation over the years. Sometimes not everyone actually goes to their graduation bash.

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But if you went to yours and were the class of 1996 and 1997, do you still have your keychains? The Coronado class of 1996 and 1997 were given a memoir that was always a safety reminder. In fact, some past seniors have managed to hold on to their memoirs after all this time.

Texas Department of Transportation Keychains

Someone who I know that did save hers was my older sister. My sister graduated in 1997 from Coronado High School and received her keychain at Project Graduation. She managed to also collect a 1996 one since her senior friends from that class snuck her into Project Graduation.

Since I didn't make it out to mine I don't know if the Texas Department of Transportation continued its keychain tradition after 1997. It's little things like this that leave some of us (like me) living with regret for missing my Project Graduation. After seeing my sister's keychains that are over twenty years old had me wondering about others.

If you attended your end-of-the-year celebration after graduating, do you remember scoring a free keychain? Please share your answer with me by selecting the answer that best fits in the poll below.

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