In Japan, when someone celebrates their 100th birthday, they get a commemorative dish from the government. This year though, so many people are turning 100 that they can't afford to buy them all!

Every September since 1963, Japan has celebrated the "National Respect For The Aged Day" by hooking up everyone turning 100 years old with a special dish. This year though, so many people are turning 100 that the government can't afford them. They spent the equivalent of $2 million dollars on last year's supply.

Currently 58,820 Japanese peeps are at least 100 and, by 2050, they expect to get to one million. They're considering switching  to cheaper materials or, cheaper still, just writing them a letter.

Japan has the highest life expectancy for women in the world and, for men, they're in the top 10. Their longevity, just so you know, is credited to a plant based diet and active lifestyle.