Who will you place your bet on if your options are college seniors or senior citizens in a drinking game? Complex thought it would be an interesting idea to have the young generation go against the older generation in a few drinking games....... Which I think we can totally agree with that!

Now you have to remember most college seniors play drinking games sooo much that they become professionals at it. The vintage men have been around longer and may not have the same drinking experience as the college seniors. Jay, Lucas and Alex (college seniors) right off the bat start off cracking insults towards senior citizens Trip, Kevin and Lou. In this boozing competition they will face three rounds the first being beer pong then flip cup and finally the chugging relay race also known as Anchorman. Now 3 drinking matches may seem like a lot to these old timers but you have to give them props for even trying.

Will the college seniors drink off the old timers or will the senior citizens make the youngins

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