You know the real celebration to end the last day of school right is with a shaving cream fight. I'm so glad that on my last day of being a senior in high school I got to partake in a long time tradition. I say a long time tradition because I remember my first shaving cream fight started at Coronado High School in 1997. I got to witness first hand what a shaving cream fight was like thanks to my sister and her friends. I was only in middle school at that time but was anxious for when it would be my turn to be a senior.

Come to my surprise I followed in my sister's footsteps by attending Coronado High School. Although my second shaving cream fight was a little different because I was older and wiser.

My final shaving cream fight was on my last day of school as a senior in 2003. Although it was different this time around. There was a rumor going around on the last couple of days left of school that put everyone on alert.

Apparently, someone started a rumor somehow about filling balloons with Nair. If you're not familiar with Nair it is a creamy lotion that helps remove unwanted hair without a razor. You can bet your tush all of us ladies were on high alert on the last day of school.

Back then, you knew the last day of school was right around the corner when all dollar stores were completely out of shaving cream. I remember you had to stock up weeks in advance or else you would be left with no shaving cream. That is a memory I will always remember and wish I could experience all over again.

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