The super brave men and women of the El Paso Fire Department cover a lot of area and protect a lot of people, buildings and properties.

While the El Paso Fire Department seems to be everywhere, the city of El Paso itself is their sole concern. While they do occasionally assist other FD's around the Borderland, they stay focused on El Chuco.

If you have ever wondered who handles the rest of the 915, keep reading ...

The El Paso Fire Department handles the entire El Paso metropolitan area with not quite 1,000 firefighters. If you would like to become one, click here.

That's not a lot of people so there are several smaller fire departments scattered all over the desert southwest.

Some of these folks don't even get paid for the training they go through, the hours they put in or the risks they take.

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There are 8 volunteer fire departments serving our 'lil chunk of Texas:

As you move closer to New Mexico, we have several other volunteer fire departments looking out for our New Mexico neighbors.

Again, brave people giving their time and efforts ... not to mention putting their own lives at risk ... for no personal gain.

New Mexico volunteer fire departments include:

There are several others, to see who else is watching over southern New Mexico, click here. If you see any of these folks, please thank them.

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