It breaks my heart that the class of 2020 won't be able to experience "the walk" to get their diploma. Hopefully, later in time when things get better they can make up for missing their walk this year. Since the pandemic came about has changed our lifestyle quite a bit. The El Paso Independent School District has come up with a way to honor the class of 2020. This is quite an honor and well deserved for the graduating class of 2020. Seniors from the class of 2020 busted their a**es just to not be able to have a graduating ceremony blows.

Since ceremonies are being held off for the moment, this is the next best thing to honor 2020 seniors. The star on the mountain will be shining bright starting today, May 23, 25, and 26 for E.P.I.S.D. seniors. Superintendent Juan E. Cabrera mentioned it was their best way of showing the graduating classes their hard work isn't going unrecognized. If I was a part of their class I would feel so honored knowing the El Paso star was lit for us. So for tonight, May 22 the star will be on for Franklin, El Paso High Schools and College Career and Technology Academy. Tomorrow, May 23 will be for Burgess, Transmountain Early College, and Andress High School. Then next in line for Monday, May 25 are Coronado, Bowie, and Jefferson/Silva High Schools. Finally, Tuesday, May 26 will be for Austin, Irvin, and Chapin High Schools.

So to the graduating class of 2020, don't worry your time is coming to walk and get your diploma the right way. Just keep having patience the way you did while getting through four years of high school. Congratulations class of 2020, well done, and make the world proud.

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