Everyone knows that one person who has weird cravings at times and I am proud to admit I am one those. Usually a lot of people hide their guilty pleasures but I exposed mine and hope you can be proud about yours too!

I am one of the few who can't have cookies dry and if there's no milk but a full gallon of orange juice, I am using it for my cookies. It sounds disgusting but you can't knock it until you try it. I decided to give my co-workers a taste of my guilty pleasures that everyone calls me a freak for. Thankfully my digital boss was a big help in this by convincing people to be my victims. Some enjoyed the taste and said it wasn't bad while others reactions and comments may scare you out of trying this. But one thing I can bet is anyone would rather taste cookies and orange juice over a panther's a** any day.

If you decide to try this, be sure to comment your thoughts on this out of the ordinary craving!


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