If you've been on the prowl for a new place to get a bite to eat look no further! This isn't your typical restaurant because once you visit The Mustard Seed an taste their food you will understand why.

Michaela Roman gives you a tour along with Christi Brown who is the founder and president of The Mustard Seed Cafe. This cafe have a very homey feel to it when you walk inside and automatically feel welcomed. The Mustard Seed Cafe has the best and friendly staff that takes care of your every need when you arrive. They even grow some of their own ingredients that they use in their food. Every time I have gone to eat there I was always satisfied with the food, dessert and drinks. Also, if you don't have much money left from paying bills, they work with you and how much you can afford to pay!

Be sure to get your healthy grub on for a really cheap price at this local cafe and don't forget to sign their guest book.


Ravioli soup with vegetables, Parmesan zucchini with a brownie for dessert and Vanilla Almond infused water.

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